August will see some big changes at Easterton

Please read this full email to find out ALL the changes at Easterton regarding the following:

  • Monday evening Challenge Award training for under 18’s
  • Tuesday evening private lessons
  • Thursday evening adult group lessons
  • Thursday night ADULT stable management class
  • Weekend Children’s Group lesson relaunch
  • Weekend Private lessons

If you or anyone you have been in contact with shows symptoms or require a Covid test, please contact us immediately and we will override our cancellation policy and credit your account. 


We are delighted to announce that we are relaunching our group lessons for under 18 year old’s from the weekend of the 8/9th of August.
PLEASE NOTE:  In line with Government Guidelines, the following health and safety precautions will apply:

  • Each group lesson will be limited to a maximum of 6 children
  • All riders must wear their own gloves
  • Riders must use their own hats (we are unable to lend them at this time.  We do have hats for sale at the yard but please contact us in advance if you wish to purchase one)
  • All children 12 years and over, must be able to ride, mount and adjust their girth and stirrups independently or with the help of a parent.
  • Children under 12 years old will be able to have help mounting and will also be able to be led. For this reason, our Unicorn class is only open to children under 12 years old at the moment. This is following government guidelines and will be adjusted as soon as we are allowed.

We have taken this opportunity to restructure some of our group lesson timings.  Please note below the new timings for each group:


UNICORNS Total Beginners group –
Riders must have been for a lead out.
You will learn to
WALK & TROT on a lead rein
(Currently restricted to under 12’s.)
HIGHLANDS Beginners group –
Riders in this group should be able to be off lean rein and be able to walk & trot independently.
You will be introduced to canter.
COBS Advanced beginner –
You should be able to WALK/TROT & CANTER
and will be starting to trot over cross poles.
Sat/Sun – 3PM
WARMBLOODS Intermediate group-
You should be able to WALK/ TROT/ CANTER competently and be starting to jump.  This group should also be competent without stirrups
Sat/Sun – 10AM
THOUROUGHBRED Advanced Group –
This group can WALK/TROT/CANTER/JUMP (without Stirrups).  You should be able to ride any horse of any level and will strive towards being deemed ready to own a horse of their own.
Sat/Sun – 12PM


We will be running private lessons and hacks from 10am until 5pm on a Saturday and Sunday.
These lessons will be held in the outdoor arena and will be weather dependent.
We have to reiterate the guidelines which must be followed for all lessons under the Covid restrictions:

  • All riders must wear their own gloves
  • Riders must use their own hats (we are unable to lend them at this time.  We do have hats for sale at the yard but please contact us in advance if you wish to purchase one)
  • Everyone over the age of 12 years old must be able to ride, mount, adjust their own girth and stirrups independently.


This is strictly subject to the current Government Guidelines being relaxed.

We are planning to relaunch our evening lessons on a Tuesday and a Thursday from the 11th/13th August.

TUESDAY:   Stephen MacKay will be back on a Tuesday evening, offering private and semi-private lessons from 5-8pm.
THURSDAY:  Lindsay Brown will be back on a Thursday evening, offering adult group lessons from 6-7pm: Beginners/intermediate and 7-8pm: intermediate/advanced.
THURSDAY:  Lindsay Brown will also be running an adults Challenge Award, stable management course from 8-9pm on a Thursday evening. Please get in touch with the office if you would like to know more about this course..


PLEASE NOTE – Children’s Stable Management classes will now be held on MONDAY evenings from The 10th of August

Lynsey Kerr will be back running our Challenge Award training for under 18’s on Monday evenings.
Each block will run for a total of 10 weeks.
Due to Government restrictions, places are limited and we expect these courses to be popular, so please get in touch with the office ASAP if you would like to book.

The times for each class are as follows:
*  5-6pm –  Handling Your Horse
*  6-7pm –  Know Your Horse
*  7-8pm  – Lunging Your Horse

The cost of each 10 week block is £150 which is payable by the 3rd of August.
Each award also comes with a free ridden challenge award to be discussed individually with your coach during lessons.


Please note that our Peak hour Pricing will come back into effect from 8th August 2020.
This means that all weekend and evening (After 4pm) private lessons will be priced at £36 for 30 minutes and £48 for 45 minutes.
All Group lessons will remain at £30 for 60 minutes

All the staff & the horses have missed you all very much & look forward to welcoming you all back.  Hope to see you soon.