Riding School

Children’s weekend lesson structure

We have a wide range of horse and ponies to suit all ages, stages and abilities. Our experienced BHS and UKCC qualified coaches are on hand to give you the best possible experience here at Easterton Farm Park. 

 The weekend groups will now be as follows:

UNICORNS: @ 12NOON – Total beginners’ group – riders should experience a lead out before joining this group. In this group you will learn to walk & trot on a lead rein.

HIGHLANDS: @ 2PM This group is for Beginners that can now be off the lead rein and can walk and trot independently. You will also be introduced to canter in this group.

COBS: @ 11AMThis group should be able to walk, trot & canter and will be starting to trot over cross poles.

WARMBLOODS: @ 10AM – This is the intermediate group. You should be able to walk, trot and canter competently. You will be introduced to jumping. This group should also be competent without stirrups

THOUROUGHBREDS: @ 3PMThe Advanced group. This group can walk, trot, canter and jump without stirrups alongside other more advanced riding. This group would also be deemed ready to have a horse of their own and can ride any horse of any level.

The group lessons will take a maximum of 8 riders in each class.

If we find there is a need for another lesson slot we will do so at 9am on sat/sun

We will now also be running group lessons during the week at 4pm each day (except a Monday)

Private lessons will also be following the new criteria of the different levels of competency.

Further Information

Each rider at Easterton Farm Park is provided with their own booklet. These booklets have a progression chart detailing the different levels of competency in each riding level. The levels outline the skills which you will achieve, allowing you to progress to the next level. Your coach will tick off and date each goal as it is achieved and witnessed by them. Once all the goals have been achieved and the chart has all been ticked off then you can move up to the next level of competency. 

We feel that this helps clients / riders and parents understand their progression.

Adult lesson structure

We offer private lessons throughout the day from 10am-5pm Tuesday to Friday.

Adult group lessons run on a Thursday evening. 

Tuesday evening

5-8pm – Private lessons available on request

Thursday evening

6pm – Intermediate/Advanced

7pm – Beginners/Intermediate

Price List

PRIVATE LESSON: 1-1£3030 Mins
GROUP LESSON:2 Riders£3045 Mins
GROUP LESSON: Max 8£2860 Mins
BLOCK GROUP LESSON£28010 Lessons + 1 free lesson
BLOCK PRIVATE LESSON£30010 Lessons + 1 free lesson
HACK£3260 Mins
LEAD OUT£1525 Mins
LESSON – Own Horse£2030 Mins
HIRE OUT£2060 Mins - Only after regular lessons
LEASES:Only after regular lessons:
1 DAY LEASE£40Horse Ridden twice
3 DAY LEASE£75Only 1 weekend day
5 DAY LEASE£100Mon– Fri
LONG TERM LEASE£100Full Time – Price Per week
3 DAY COURSE£120Tues / Wed / Thurs


We offer one hour hacks round the stunning Mudgock country park. Hacks take place throughout the week upon request and between 1-2pm Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

All riders must be competent in Walk/Trot and be able to control their own horse prior to riding out with us and a short assessment will take place before we can take you out.

Riding school horses: